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Focus 800 Daysailer

The Focus 800 is a beautiful daysailer with stunning sailing characteristics. This 8-metre long open sailing boat is fast, comfortable and stable. Whether you are alone or with friends and family, you can experience ultimate enjoyment or take part in serious competitive sailing in the spacious cockpit. More

  • Classic hull and appearance
  • Modern underwater hull and rigging
  • Extremely fast and stable
  • Designed for single-handed sailing
  • Sophisticated, sporty and distinctive

Focus 800 DS

Fixed keel

The standard version of the Focus 800 DS has a fixed keel with a draught of 105 cm. The keel is made of 450 kg of cast iron and is then specially treated to protect it from corrosion. On the upper side …

Focus 800 DS

Dutch design

There are many shallow areas in the Netherlands, both in the inland waters and the waters around Zeeland and the Wadden Islands. A keel/centreboard is ideal for these conditions and in …..

Focus 800 DS

One-Design Class

For many sailors it is becoming increasingly difficult to sail in competitions with a permanent crew. Boats such as Draken and Regenbogen need at least 3 crew members and a number of reserve ….


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