About us

Focus Sails & Sailing is a business specialized in the sale and mediation of classic and modern boats that are striking because of their handsome contours and appearance. They are either sailing boats, motorboats or rowing boats. It is important that the design is right and there is a preference for boats of a classical appearance.

An example of this is our own design – the Focus 800 DS – and a motorboat that was designed in house. These boats are built in collaboration with specialists, although we maintain supervisory control. Established in Sneek on the “het Ges” Water Sports Boulevard, we have a modern building at our disposal with ample parking space, berths and our own crane with a lifting capacity of 1 ton.

Focus Fitness
We would like to serve the recreational rowing sport under this title. We hope to start very soon with the sale of extremely handsome Skiffs, Yoles and Wherrys.

Sailmaker and Rigger
We are able to repair sails, tents and rigging and for other jobs involving wood, engines or electrics, we can refer you to our colleagues.

Would you like to know more about Focus Sails & Sailing or Zeilmakerij & Tuigerij Niek Goes, then please contact us or come along ….

Focus Sails & Sailing
Hendrik Bulthuisweg 3
8606 KB Sneek