Niek Goes, owner of Zeilmakerij & Tuigerij Niek Goes and Focus Sails & Sailing, started his career in water sports at an early age and was already a sailing instructor at the age of 15. His passion for water sports and sailing in particular became his profession in 1975.

Niek Goes started off as a salesman in a water sports company. He then became a sailmaker and, after a few years, he moved to Bruinisse where he became a rigger. In addition to rigging, Niek Goes did a lot of test-sailing and he became a cabin yacht salesman, first of all in Bruinisse and later in Warmond. In 1980, his “fatherland” and girlfriend drew Nick Goes back to Friesland and he went to work for his old boss again, this time as a sailmaker and a sailor on competitive sailing yachts. The experience he had built up in Zeeland with, for example, offshore competitive sailing turned out to be very valuable. He visited many domestic and foreign ports and competitive waters in Germany, France and England among others. In 1985, Niek Goes took a big step and started up his own company – Zeilmakerij & Tuigerij Niek Goes.

The first move took place after two years when he bought the property on the Halbertmaplein in Grouw.

In 1991, the number of customers and staff had grown so much that it was necessary to search for a new location. This was found at the “Top” in centrally-located Sneek with a floor area of 300m2.

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After 5 years, it became apparent that this was also too small, so he took the opportunity to build a new location at t’Ges, a newly-developed area for water sports companies. A beautiful new building with berths and 525 m2 of working space.

Two years later he bought another piece of land which enabled him to add 10 berths and plenty of parking space. In 2001, he set up the Focus Sails & Sailing company and the Focus 800 came on the market.

The companies have now been in business at this location for 15 years and have a hoisting crane which can lift boats weighing up to 1000 kg out of the water and can place masts up to a length of around 14 metres. Furthermore, there are a number of indoor berths which means they are not dependent on weather conditions. With just a few members of staff, the company is well organised and our clients can make direct contact with the relevant person.

We would like to invite you to come and visit us,

Niek Goes and staff