Privacy statement

Zeilmakerij- Tuigerij Niek Goes is convinced that the protection of the individual privacy of its clients and visitors to its websites is of paramount importance to its activities. The personal details of clients and visitors are therefore treated with the utmost care and well secured. Zeilmakerij- Tuigerij Niek Goes complies in all cases with the requirements set by the law relating to data protection.

Processing of personal details
With regard to the provision of our services (when you contact us, we require a number of personal details from you) Zeilmakerij- Tuigerij Niek Goes registers your details. Zeilmakerij- Tuigerij Niek Goes uses these details for the implementation of the agreement concerned, for its other services and to keep clients informed of the products, new products and services of Zeilmakerij-Tuigerij Niek Goes, or of its group of companies or of carefully selected third parties. Zeilmakerij- Tuigerij will endeavour to fulfil your preferences in this regard. If you do not wish to be kept informed of new products and services then you should inform Zeilmakerij- Tuigerij Niek Goes of this in writing. We will then block your personal details for this purpose.

Click Behaviour
Although visitors do not identify themselves, general visitor information on the websites of Zeilmakerij- Tuigerij Niek Goes is recorded, such as the pages most requested. The object of this is to perfect the design and layout of the website. These details may also be used to put more targeted information on the website. This enables Zeilmakerij- Tuigerij Niek Goes to further perfect the provision of its services.

Third Party Internet Sites
This Privacy Statement does not apply to third party Internet sites that are connected to this website through links. Amendments to the Privacy Statement Zeilmakerij- Tuigerij Niek Goes retains the right to make amendments to this Privacy Statement. You are advised to consult this Privacy Statement on a regular basis, so that you are fully aware of these amendments.