Centre board keel

There are many shallow areas in the Netherlands, both in the inland waters and in the waters around Zeeland and the Wadden Islands. A keel/centreboard is ideal for these conditions and in addition the Focus can also be easily transported on a trailer.

The keel has been filled with lead ballast for the necessary stability and the centreboard has been cast in bronze in order to prevent corrosion.

Serie Focus800DS Niek Goes Focus 800 DS

The centreboard is attached to a hydraulic cylinder with a steel wire and can be manually pumped up (electrically is a possible optional extra). By flipping the switch the centreboard will drop down through its own weight. In the event of running aground the centreboard can hinge freely in the keel housing. The entire keel housing is watertight and is under the cockpit sole, so that plenty of room remains in the cockpit!

The rudder blade hinges onto a specially constructed hollow shaft. A line runs through this, pulling the rudder blade down. This line is attached to a quick-release clip which, in the event of sudden stress, comes loose, causing the rudder blade to flip upwards.