The Focus 800. An eye-catcher with stunning sailing characteristics, comfortable, stable, possible to sail single-handed and, not to be forgotten, it is possible to install an inboard engine, diesel or electric.

The prototype of the first Focus was introduced at the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show in 2001 and since then 15 boats have been built. They all had a polyester hull and a wooden deck with a standard teak finish.

Nowadays, there are better materials and construction methods such as vinylester and vacuum injection and with the present developments in hull shapes, we thought it was time for a new Focus that looks the same above water, but is designed to perfection underwater. The hull has been newly designed with higher freeboards and the underwater section of the boat has been adapted so that it has more “lift”. By building the hull in a “sandwich construction” using vacuum injection methods, the hull is lighter, more rigid and stronger which greatly improves the downwind characteristics and when sailing close to the wind, the Focus will remain drier.

The new Focus 800 DS has also been designed with a polyester sandwich construction deck including anti-slip walking surfaces. The aft deck now has 2 hatches, 1 for storage space and 1 for the engine compartment. The deck/hull has been finished with a protective teak strip.

The cockpit has also been completely constructed in polyester with anti-slip surfaces, but has been finished with teak and mahogany elements to create an appearance that is exactly right. New moulds of the hull, cockpit and deck have been produced so that all Focusses are basically the same. With the aid of an extensive list of optional extras each client can adapt his Focus 800 DS and make it even more beautiful!

Single-handed sailing in style in an eye-catching head-turner. That is the new Focus 800 DS!