One-Design Class

For many sailors it is becoming increasingly difficult to sail in competitions with a permanent crew. Boats such as Dragons need at least 3 crew members and a number of reserve members in order to be able to plan a season.

The Focus 800 has been specially designed to sail single-handed and is therefore extremely suitable to sail as a one-man boat in a class. This One-Design class can be enhanced with a handicap for the old models and for boats with underwater propulsion.

During the coming years we would like to bring as many owners as possible together to take the first steps in working towards a One-Design class and a Class association. This could be a fantastic way of being out on the water competing with like-minded people and setting up enjoyable social activities ashore.

The competitive version is the same as the basic version but can be extended with more control lines such as an outhaul, Cunningham hole, a kicking strap and barber haulers.

In short, competitive sailing offers an extra dimension to the comfortable and extremely stable Focus 800!